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Failed to connect to database problem

Verfasst: 02.09.2019, 22:28
von skeith
Hi, afraid I don't know German so hopefully everything typed can be understood.

Trying to install this on my server but its giving me an error upon hitting the admin install button at the end of the process which throws this error: mysqli://*username*:@localhost/*db name* failed to connectAccess denied for user '*username'@'localhost' (using password: YES)

I changed the names between the ** to not let out my database information.

Everything looks green up to that point but one thing, which is: Session save path Not set, Unwriteable.

Not sure if that would cause any issues. My hosting says the database is actually MariaDB and not mysqli. Not sure if that would also cause a problem?

Thanks for any help on this.

Re: Failed to connect to database problem

Verfasst: 03.09.2019, 01:50
von r23
Hello and welcome,

I'm guessing you want to install the shop system?

PHP Diagnosis
Here we examine the configuration attitudes of its PHP installation. PHP Info
PHP version >= 7.2.0 Yes

Please click on the PHP diagnosis page (the page after the license agreement) on PHP Info

mysqli must be active: Example on the screenshot
03-09-_2019_1-38-39.jpg (227.3 KiB) 695 mal betrachtet

If the user rights are not sufficient, create a new empty database with another tool (provider interface).

Enter the access data into the form and click on Start without creating a new database (leave checkbox empty).
03-09-_2019_1-45-51.jpg (172.53 KiB) 695 mal betrachtet
Hope the answer will help.


Re: Failed to connect to database problem

Verfasst: 03.09.2019, 06:30
von skeith
Looks like mine is off, any way of turning it on?
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Re: Failed to connect to database problem

Verfasst: 03.09.2019, 14:31
von r23

I don't see any mistakes

The project uses the database abstraction layer Adodb for the database.

The error message is generated in the file install/newinstall.php in line 54

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$db = NewADOConnection($dbtype); $dbh = $db->Connect($dbhost, $dbuname, $dbpass); if (!$dbh) { $dbpass = ""; die("$dbtype://$dbuname:$dbpass@$dbhost failed to connect" . $db->ErrorMsg()); }

The connection is established with NewADOConnection. What I only notice is the upper/lower case.

Adodb Doc ... connection

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$db = adoNewConnection($driver);
newAdoConnection() Is a pseudonym for adoNewConnection() ... ence_index

Sorry - but I have no idea for a solution